OOTD- Warm January Romp

It’s been a rather warm second day of classes. Today I wore an outfit that I could enjoy the unseasonably warm breeze in and my friend Emma and I decided to take a fun romp around campus. 

Flannel shirt- Old Navy

Jeans- Aeropostale 

Boot cuffs- Marley Lilly
Duck boots- Sperry Topsider

Scarf- Charlie Paige

Bracelets- Alex and Ani

Many thanks to Emma for taking these photos. Please check out her blog


You’ve Sent In Your College Application- Now What?


It’s that time of year again- college application time. The very popular January 1st deadline has past, and the February 1st deadline is fast approaching. As a freshman entering my second semester of college, the impatient wait for college admissions decisions is all too fresh in my mind. What can you do to help the process go along quicker and potentially strengthen your application even after submission? Here are some tips from someone who has been there.

  1. Notify the schools of any changes or news immediately. This can be anything from an extended illness to a special award or honor you received. I found that all of the colleges I applied to were very responsive to emails. One admissions director specifically would respond “I’ll add that to your file” to any updates I sent. The committees, especially those that utilize a holistic review approach, do take these updates into consideration. Ultimately, this is the time to brag if you accomplished something big! I wouldn’t recommend emailing the committee frequently, especially if you really have nothing to share, but contact shows continued interest in the school. Additionally, if you do experience an unfortunate setback such as an extended illness or family emergency, a letter from your high school counselor explaining the extenuating circumstances can go a long way. I say this from personal experience.
  2. Continue to work hard. Second semester grades DO matter. Rescinded admission isn’t a myth. Especially if you do find out you got in, it’s easy to feel that you are free to kick back and relax. While you should be at ease, do not slack off. You’re in the home stretch, there’s not much left, HANG IN THERE. This is especially true if you are waitlisted! You can make a very positive second impression with your second semester grades. Also, study hard for your AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment exams so you can potentially earn some credit to carry on to college. Because of all of the credit I earned through AP testing, I am technically a sophomore credit-wise even though I have only completed one semester of college. Working hard in your college level high school courses really does pay off.
  3. Tour any school you applied to that you may have not had a chance to tour, even if it’s just your “safety school”. I didn’t tour the college I currently attend until after I got in. Really evaluate each school and think about what decision you will make if you are admitted. I applied to my school at the last minute on a whim and never imagined I’d actually go there, but after touring the campus I decided that I really liked the school and its values. Don’t count out the “safety schools”. One of them may be a great fit for you! (Also, I do not believe in “safety schools”- possible future blog post.)
  4. If you haven’t already, write thank you notes to the teachers that wrote your recommendation letters. Teachers are very busy people and you were probably not the only student they wrote a recommendation for. Make sure you let them know how much you appreciate their time and effort.
  5. Apply for as many scholarships as you can! You have more time now that your college applications are in, so use it to earn some money to pay for your tuition. Especially focus on scholarships that are given at your high school- you have better odds because there’s a smaller applicant pool than a state or national scholarship- but still apply for those!

After decisions are released-

  1. If you are waitlisted, FILL OUT THE WAITLIST FORM IMMEDIATELY. You may be devastated, but there’s still a chance of being admitted. I was waitlisted by one school and they called me the day they started contacting waitlist admits- I was one of their top picks off the list, and I didn’t think that would happen to me. Ultimately I stayed with the school I had committed to initially, but I was grateful I did take a chance on the waitlist because I was ultimately admitted and given another option. Don’t assume you don’t have a chance. You do- that’s why they didn’t reject you outright.
  2. If you got rejected, I am so, so sorry. I know that it is the absolute worst feeling. The best way to move on is to look at the schools you did get into and look at the positive aspects of them that made you want to apply. It may not be your dream school, but the experience may be better than you thought. Also, you can work really hard in your first college semesters and try to approve your applications to potentially transfer to your first choice. If you didn’t get into any schools, some colleges have rolling admissions and will consider your application. Also look at your community college options. You don’t have to stay there. Many states such as my own have programs where you can transfer (often guaranteed admission) to a school in your state after earning your associate’s degree at community college. Keep the faith. It’s not over yet.
  3. If you get into your first, second, or even third choice school- I am so happy for you! This is an amazing accomplishment! However, remember that many of your friends and classmates probably didn’t get into the school they wanted, even if they don’t announce it. There’s no shame in a little public celebration- wear your college’s shirt to school on Decision Day and post a picture to social media. But beyond that, be modest. You never know what someone else is going through, and while you have every right to celebrate your accomplishment, be sensitive to others.

Overall, I wish you the best of luck in your college application wait. I hope you all get into your dream schools, but if you don’t, it is not the end of the world, even if it feels like it is. You have options, even if they aren’t ideal. I am proud of each and every person who successfully filled out and submitted a college application- they are a ton of work in themselves. If you have any questions about admissions and applications, please comment below and I would love to answer to the best of my ability.

~ Ginny

December Ipsy Review 2016

Happy Belated Holidays! It has been a very full season, and I am finally back with my December Ipsy Bag Review!

Ipsy is a monthly subscription that costs $10 a month. Every installment comes in a cute cosmetic bag. You fill out a beauty profile and Ipsy fills the bag in accordance with your preferences. No two bags are alike. If you are interested in subscribing, comment and I will send you a link.

The theme of this month’s bag is Carpe P.M. I thought the actual bag was very cute and fun for the holidays! 

The first product in this bag was the Cake Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm. This cream was nice and thick and moisturizing, however- it really does smell like cake… I don’t love it. It’s not too overpowering and the scent settles quickly, but I wouldn’t recommend putting it on before eating. 

The REN Radiance Renewal Mask is a fun addition. I haven’t tried it yet, but I love masks and I like that it’s in a convenient bottle.

Next up is the Tarte Maracuja Oil! This is a very popular product among beauty connoisseurs. I was excited to receive it, however, I am not big on oils. I will use it but probably won’t be tempted to purchase a full size bottle. 

I received the Nyx Prismatic Shadow in the shade Jaded. I have had good experiences with Nyx and the color is pretty but not super pigmented. It does have a nice shimmer. 

The last (and my personal favorite!) product is the Ciaté Liquid Velvet Lipstick in Pin Up! It is so beautiful and I have worn it throughout the holiday season. The color is gorgeous and the formula is long lasting and feels very pleasant on the lips. I love it so much and will probably replace it when I run out.

I would give this bag a 9 out of 10, mostly because of the lipstick, honestly! The selections didn’t completely align with my beauty profile, but there really weren’t any duds and the cosmetic bag is high quality and adorable. 

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? Did you like your December bag? Let me know in the comments down below!

Keep a look out for two exciting new posts in the coming week! 😉
Disclaimer- I purchased this subscription myself and all of the opinions are my own. This post was not sponsored. 

November and December 2016 Allure Beauty Box Reviews

Today I was very excited to receive both the November and December Allure Beauty Boxes in the mail. I subscribed during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion and I was really surprised that I received both boxes!

The Allure Beauty Box is normally $15 a month but I got it for $10 for my first four months with the promotion. They are still running the promotion, so if you subscribe before December 31st, 2016, you can get your first four boxes for only $10. (Side note- I have a referral link if you are interested in subscribing, so comment down below if you are interested. 🙂 )

First up is my review of the November box.

The first product is the Klorane Shampoo with Essential Olive Extract (3.3 fl. oz.)


The bottle is 3.3 fluid ounces and the listed price in the booklet for it is $15 (assuming for a full size). I did some research online and the 3.38 oz. bottle is $9 at most of its retailers, so this is a great value in a $10 box. The scent is very nice. I was honestly just a little disappointed to receive a shampoo when I’d prefer to receive a more fun makeup item, for example, but it’s a good size for travel.

Bulgari Omnia Crystalline Eau De Toilette (5 ml)


This is one of my favorite products in the box. It’s a 5 ml sample ($82 for 2.2 oz) and I was so excited that it was in a miniature version of the full size bottle rather than a generic bottle. However, when you open it up, there is no spritzer, so you have to tip some out to wear it and be careful not to spill it, which I don’t love. A spritzer is much easier to use in my opinion, however, I can’t complain too much because I really like the scent and the bottle is just so adorable.

Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream (0.5 fl.oz.)


This facial moisturizer sample feels nice on my skin and you only need to use a little to cover your face. However, the sample is very small and I’m not usually a fan of receiving moisturizers because I have my standard favorites. The scent is very subtle and nice though and I have no reason not to use this up, so it’s a nice addition to the box. ($32 for full size tube)

Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner

img_0010  img_1082

This may be my favorite item! While I was previously unfamiliar with the brand, this is such a nice standard eyeliner and seems very easy to apply with the pen tip. However, a full size pen is $20, and unless I fall completely in love with it, I probably won’t purchase a full size and will stick with my $2 Jordana Fabuliner that is very similar. But I know I’ll use this product up and it’s such a great travel size!

Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Moisturizing Body Lotion (30 ml)


I was skeptical about this product since I prefer to receive makeup in subscriptions and I am very picky with my lotions, but I already am in love with this lotion! My skin absorbed it so quickly and it’s not greasy at all. It has a really nice, light floral scent and I’m definitely throwing this in my purse for the winter months. This product is $26 for an 8oz. bottle.

And the last product in the November box is the Bonvivant Botanical Mask Pack ($3 value).


I’ve been in a face mask phase lately (must be the stress of my first college finals week, haha) and I was thrilled to receive this! It’s made in Korea, and we all know how amazing Korean beauty products are (psst… keep your eyes out for a Tonymoly review coming soon!), so I can’t wait to try this and will definitely review it.

Overall I would give this box an 8 out of 10. I’m usually more into makeup than skincare, but these choices were really nice and I believe I’ll use everything up.

Now onto the December box!


The first product in the box is the Coastal Salt & Soul Heavenly Hand Cream in the scent Blushing Peony (1 oz.)


I really love the scent of this hand cream and it is very hydrating! It’s a great size and is worth $10. While the scent is not super wintery, I appreciate Allure including a hand cream in the box as dry hands are a seasonal issue.

Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me Wash (40 ml)


Honestly, this shampoo being included does nothing for me. There was a pretty large sample of another shampoo in the last box, after all. Also, a full size is $29, which is a bit much for shampoo in my opinion. I can’t see myself purchasing a fill size of this. However, the lemony scent is absolutely lovely and it’s a nice travel size product. I also appreciate that it’s sulfate free.

European Wax Center Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter


This is a full size product worth $19, which is exciting. It also includes a blender on one side (not pictured). I don’t do a whole lot of brow makeup, but I love the suggestions the Allure booklet gave to use this as an eyeshadow or highlighter. That is what I will probably use this product for.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (5 ml)


This is a (very) tiny sample of a facial moisturizer that is $28 for a full size. This just didn’t do much for me. It’s such a tiny sample and there was a moisturizer in the last box in a bigger sample.

Tula Advanced Neck Cream (0.5 oz.)


Since I’m just about to turn nineteen, I don’t really need neck cream yet, so I honestly will probably give this sample to my mother. I wish Allure would allow you to send them your age in their profile like subscriptions like Ipsy do so they can cater more to your age. A full size of this product is $80.

And the last product… Beautyblender Liquid Blendercleanser!


I was so excited to receive this sample size product ($30 for a full size of 10 oz.)! This is a cleanser for makeup blending sponges and makeup brushes. I am VERY excited to try this on my tools.

I would give this box an 7.8 out of 10. I was disappointed by the skin care products and shampoo, however, the full size brow product, hand cream, and Blendercleanser sample were really exciting to receive.

Now for the brutally honest part… Would I spend $15 on this box? I am not sure. While the full size products are exciting, I probably would not have purchased the brow highlighter, for example. With the box discounted to $10, I personally find it worth it. It’s also a fun treat to receive in the mail.

Would you subscribe or are you already subscribed to the Allure Beauty Box? Let me know down below in the comments!

*Disclaimer- I have no affiliation with Allure or any of the companies featured and was not asked to review these products. I received absolutely no compensation for this post. All opinions are purely my own.*


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